Sunday, 7 April 2013

Kashima Antlers 1 - 0 Cerezo Osaka

It's been a while since Jin-Hyeon made this kind of blunder and unfortunately it cost us today as we suffered our first defeat in the league when it allowed Yasushi Endo to score the winner in the 58th minute. Some of our early season performances haven't warranted the points we've been getting so it's no surprise about the result although the manner of the loss is frustrating. FC Tokyo visit Osaka for a Nabisco Cup match on Wednesday night.


  1. Hi,

    I'm taking a trip to Osaka this weekend, and I was wondering if it's necessary to buy tickets for the Cerezo game in advance. Do the games usually sell out, or can you just show up on the day and easily get a ticket? I think it's in the smaller of the 2 stadiums. Also, if you could recommend the best seating/standing area (best atmosphere, most noise etc), that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Chris

  2. Hi Chris

    This is the first game in Kincho (the smaller) stadium this season. The best place to be is behind the goal which is a standing section. In Japanese it's: ホームサポーター立見自由席
    These are the cheapest tickets, on matchday they'll cost 2500yen. The easiest way would be to ask in a convenience store and they can help you out if your Japanese isn't so good. They cost 2000 (+105 booking fee) before matchday.Or if your Japanese is good you can use the ticket machine in any shop without any help. I'm guessing it will be pretty busy as they have revamped the section behind the goal, it was pretty small but now it has doubled in size. We don't usually sell out but the game this Sat will be busier than usual as people will come to check out the stadium changes and the K.O. time is earlier than usual. Let me know by email: how you get on and if you need any more info/help. I hope you get to see a win!